Frequencies of transfer of pC4602-1 and pC4602-2 from strain CECT4602 to CT218 and biotype 1 strains by conjugation

Plasmid contentFrequency of transfer (%) to straina:
pC4602-1 only27.9 (64/229)<0.1 (0/1,000)<0.1 (0/1,000)
pC4602-1 and pC4602-23.9 (9/229)<0.1 (0/1,000)<0.1 (0/1,000)
pC4602-2 only1.3 (3/229)<0.1 (0/1,000)<0.1 (0/1,000)
  • a Transconjugants were detected by colony hybridization with probes derived from seq10 in pC4602-1 and seq25 in pC4602-2. LF044 and CT162 are biotype 1 strains. The number of positive colonies with respect to the total is indicated in parentheses.