E. coli strains, plasmids, and phages used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotypeboriSource or reference
    DY329rph1 IN(rrnD-rrnE) Δ(argF-lac)U169 nadA::Tn10 gal490 λcI857 Δ(cro-bioA)91
    PA340argH1 thr-1 leuB6 ghd-1 gltB31 thi-1 lacY1 gal-6 xyl-7 ara-14 mtl-2 malA1 rpsL9 tonA285
    PA340-129PA340, hisG1 mreB-12985
    PA340-678PA340, hisG1 mre-678[Δ(mreB-rng)]85
    PB103dadR trpE trpA tna25
    FB2*PB103, mreB<>aphThis work
    FB2supcPB103, mreB<>aph sup?This work
    FB9*PB103, mreB<>frtThis work
    FB10*PB103, mreC<>aphThis work
    FB11*PB103, mreD<>aphThis work
    FB12*PB103, mreBCD<>aphThis work
    FB13*PB103, mreBC<>aphThis work
    FB14*PB103, mreCD<>aphThis work
    FB15*PB103, mreC<>frtThis work
    FB16*PB103, mreD<>frtThis work
    FB17*PB103, mreBCD<>frtThis work
    FB18*PB103, mreBC<>frtThis work
    FB19*PB103, mreCD<>frtThis work
    FB37*PB103, mrdAB<>aphThis work
    FB39*PB103, mrdAB<>frtThis work
    MG1655ilvG rfb50 rph136
    TB12MG1655, lacIZYA<>aph8
    TB28MG1655, lacIZYA<>frt8
    FB21*TB28, mreB<>aphThis work
    FB22*TB28, mrdB<>aphThis work
    FB30*TB28, mreBCD<>aphThis work
    FB38*TB28, mrdAB<>aphThis work
    FB40*TB28, mrdAB<>frtThis work
    pCH235bla lacIq Plac::mreD-LEColE1This work
    pCH244bla lacIq Plac::mreB mreC mreD yhdEColE1This work
    pCX16aadA sdiApSC10187
    pDR3bla lacIq Plac::ftsZColE17
    pDR144bla lacIq Plac::sfiAColE17
    pFB112tet sdiAColE1This work
    pFB118bla lacIq Plac::mreBColE1This work
    pFB120bla lacIq Plac::mreC-LEColE1This work
    pFB121bla lacIq Plac::mreC mreD-LEColE1This work
    pFB124aadA cI857(Ts) PλR::mreC mreD-LEpSC101This work
    pFB128aadA cI857(Ts) PλR::mreD-LEpSC101This work
    pFB142bla lacIq Plac::mreB mreC-LEColE1This work
    pFB149bla lacIq Plac::mreB mreC mreD-LEColE1This work
    pFB174cat araC PBAD::mreB mreC mreD-LEpACYCThis work
    pFB194aadA cI857(Ts) PλR::mrdB(rodA)pSC101This work
    pMLB1113bla lacIq Plac::lacZColE124
    pTB6bla lacIq Plac::sstorA-gfp-T7ColE16
    pTB63tet ftsQ ftsA ftsZpSC1016
    pTB182aadA ftsQ ftsA ftsZpSC101This work
    pTB188aadA PλR::ftsZpSC101This work
    pYT11bla lacIq Ptac::relA(1-454)-LEColE1This work
    λCH178imm21 bla lacIq Plac::zipA(1-183)-gfpλ45
    λCH221imm21 bla lacIq Plac::gfp-T7-mrdBλThis work
    λCH235imm21 bla lacIq Plac::mreD-LEλThis work
    λCH268imm21 bla lacIq Plac::gfp-T7-zapAλThis work
    λDR122imm21 bla lacIq Plac::gfp-T7-minD minEλ67
    λFB120imm21 bla lacIq Plac::mreC-LEλThis work
    λFB185imm21 bla lacIq Plac::mrdB(rodA)λThis work
    λFB190imm21 bla lacIq Plac::mrdA(pbpA)λThis work
    λTB59imm21 bla lacIq Plac::mrdA mrdBλThis work
  • a Note that strains marked with * required an appropriate plasmid or phage for survival under common growth conditions.

  • b Genotypes indicate where constructs encode in-frame Gfpmut2 (gfp), T7 tag, hexahistidine, or the dipeptide LE sequences. <> denotes DNA replacement by λ red recombineering and frt a scar sequence remaining after eviction of aph with FLP recombinase (23, 91).

  • c Strain harbors an undefined suppressor (sup?) of mreB<>aph-associated lethality.