Strains and plasmids

B. subtilis strain or plasmidDescription and/or genotypeSource or reference
    Δhag mutantargF4 flaC51 hag-1 hisA1 uraBGSC
    Δmot mutant(SPbc2) motA::Tn917 trpC2BGSC
    ΔflgM mutantflgMΔ80 pheA1 trpC2BGSC
    Δupp mutantStrain used for yviF deletion6
    ΔyviF mutantyviF deletion by phleomycin-upp cassette integration (6)This study
    pDG148-StuPspac regulated protein expression in B. subtilis11
    pDG-yviFHA-tagged yviF cloned into pDG148-StuThis study
    pUniD/V5-His-TOPOEntry vector for UPS system (14)Invitrogen
    pUniD-TP0561, -TP0658, -TP0711, -TP0792, -TP0868, and -TP0870T. pallidum ORFs cloned into pUniD/V5-His-TOPO16
    pUniD-yviF, -hag, and -yvzBB. subtilis ORFs cloned into pUniD/V5-His-TOPOThis study
    pUniD-hag-HA and pUniD-hag-N255ATargeted mutations of the TP0658 binding site in HagThis study
    pMM110GST fusion protein expression in E. coli16
    GST-TP0658 and GST-yviFpUniD constructs recombined with pMM110This study
    pHB-HA3HA-tagged protein expression in E. coli14
    pHB-HA3-TP0561, -TP0711, -TP0792, -TP0868, -TP0870, -hag, -yvzB, -hag-HA, and -hag-N255ApUniD constructs recombined with pHB-HA3This study
    pAC28 and pEGSTCoexpression of proteins in E. coli12
  • a BGSC, Bacillus Genetic Stock Center.