Identification of extracellular proteins with altered expression in the fimP2 mutant

SpotProtein identificationMascot protein scoreaPeptide count (% sequence coverage)b
P1AprV5, acidic serine protease2447 (20)
P2AprV5, acidic serine protease1477 (16)
P3AprV2, acidic serine protease43311 (36)
P4AprV2, acidic serine protease80513 (43)
P5AprV2, acidic serine protease40712 (45)
P6BprV, basic serine protease1939 (31)
  • a A score of greater than 100 was accepted as a positive hit.

  • b Number of peptides obtained from MS + MS/MS spectra that match to the protein (degree of matched residues).