E. coli strains and plasmids

E. coli strain or plasmidRelevant genotypeReference
Derived strains
    BG143MG1655 λ Φ(PlivJ-lacZ)/pBR322This work
    BG144MC4100 λ Φ(PuspA-lacZ) ΔdksA::kan/pBR322This work
    BG145MC4100 λ Φ(PrrnBP1-51-+50-lacZ)a ΔdksA::kan/pBR322This work
    BG146MG1655 λ Φ(PlivJ-lacZ) ΔdksA::kan/pBR322This work
    BG147MG1655 λ Φ(PlivJ-lacZ) ΔdksA::kan/pJK537This work
    BG152RLG4422 ΔrelA::kan ΔspoT::camThis work
    BG154MG1655 λ Φ(PlivJ-lacZ) ΔrelA::kan ΔspoT::cam/pJK537This work
    BG155MC4100 λ Φ(PrrnBP1-51-+50-lacZ) ΔrelA::kan ΔspoT::cam/pJK537This work
    KK371MG1655 ΔrelA ΔspoT (markerless)K. Kvint
    LM569MG1655/pJK537This work
    LM571MC4100 λ Φ(PuspA-lacZ)/pJK537This work
    LM574MC4100 λ Φ(PrrnBP1-51-+50-lacZ)/pJK537This work
    LM576MG1655 λ Φ(PlivJ-lacZ)/pJK537This work
    LM608RLG4422 ΔdksA::kanThis work
    LM624MG1655 ΔdksA::kan/pJK537This work
    LM657MG1655 ΔrelA::kan ΔspoT::cam/pJK537This work
    LM659MC4100 λ Φ(PuspA-lacZ)/pBR322This work
    LM661MC4100 λ Φ(PrrnBP1-51-+50-lacZ) ΔrelA::kan ΔspoT::cam/pBR322This work
    LM663MG1655 λ Φ(PlivJ-lacZ) ΔrelA::kan ΔspoT::cam/pBR322This work
    LM667MG1655 ΔrelA::kan ΔspoT::cam/pBR322This work
    LM669MG1655 Δlac λ Φ(PuspA-lacZ)/p JK537This work
    LM671MG1655 Δlac λ Φ(PuspA-lacZ)/pBR322This work
    LM683MC4100 λ Φ(PrrnBP1-51-+50-lacZ)/pBR322This work
    LM694MG1655 ΔdksA::kan/pBR322This work
    LM699MG1655 Δlac λΦ(PuspA-lacZ) ΔrelA::kan ΔspoT::cam/pBR322This work
    LM700MG1655 Δlac λΦ(PuspA-lacZ) ΔrelA::kan ΔspoT::cam/p JK537This work
    LM701MG1655 Δlac λΦ(PuspA-lacZ) ΔdksA::kan/pBR322This work
    LM702MG1655 Δlac λΦ(PuspA-lacZ) ΔdksA::kan/pJK537This work
    PJ1MG1655/pBR322This work
    PJ11MC4100 λ Φ(PuspA-lacZ) ΔdksA::kan/pJK537This work
    PJ12MC4100 λ Φ(PrrnBP1-51-+50-lacZ) ΔdksA::kan/pJK537This work
    PJ13MC4100 λ Φ(PuspA-lacZ) ΔrelA::kan ΔspoT::cam/pBR322This work
    PJ14MC4100 λ Φ(PuspA-lacZ) ΔrelA::kan ΔspoT::cam/pJK537This work
    RLG4422MG1655 λ Φ(PlivJ-lacZ)R. L. Gourse
Parental strains
    AF634MC4100 λ Φ(PuspA-lacZ)A. Farewell
    CF9239ΔdksA::kanM. Cashel
    MC4100F araD139 Δ(argF-lac)U169 rpsL150 relA1 flbB5301 deoC1 ptsF25 rbsRM. Giskov
    MG1655Lab stock
    RLG2259λ Φ(PrrnBP1-51-+50-lacZ)R. L. Gourse
    pBR322Laboratory stock
    pJK537dksA in pBR322 Apr13
  • a rrnBP1−51-+50 contains the promoter sequence between −51 and +50 relative to the transcriptional strut site (+1).