B. subtilis strains used in this study

StrainGenotypeReference or source
168trpC2Laboratory stock (wild type)
PLR2lmrA(Q52P stop to S) trpC214
LMRAdlmrA::pMUTIN2 trpC210
LMRBdlmrB::pMUTIN2 trpC210
YXAFdyxaF::pMUTIN2 trpC210
YXAGdyxaG::pMUTIN2 trpC210
YXAHdyxaH::pMUTIN2 trpC210
FU778ΔlmrA::cat trpC2JAFAN
FU875ΔyxaF::cat trpC2This study
FU876ΔlmrA::tet trpC2This study
FU877ΔyxaF::cat lmrA::pMUTIN2 trpC2This study
FU878ΔyxaF::cat lmrB::pMUTIN2 trpC2This study
FU879ΔyxaF::cat yxaG::pMUTIN2 trpC2This study
FU880ΔlmrA::tet yxaG::pMUTIN2 trpC2This study
FU881ΔlmrA::tet ΔyxaF::cat yxaG::pMUTIN2 trpC2This study
FU899ΔyxaF::cat lmrA(Q52P stop to S) trpC2This study
FU967ΔlmrA::tet ΔyxaF::cat yxaH::pMUTIN2 trpC2This study