NCBI conserved domain hits of the proteins encoded by the yih operonsa

ProteinConserved domain hit(s)bDomain functionScore (bits)E value
YihUMmsB; gnl CDD 11792Dehydrogenase; lipid metabolism2693e-73
YihTLacD; gnl CDD 13006Aldolase; carbohydrate transport and metabolism3931e-110
YihSGlcNAc_2-epim, family; gnl CDD 12290Epimerase; carbohydrate transport and metabolism4019e-113
YihRGalM; gnl CDD 11725Mutarotase; carbohydrate transport and metabolism1887e-49
YihQα-Glucosidases, family 31; gnl CDD 11215Hydrolase; carbohydrate transport and metabolism5662e-162
YihPMelB, GPH family; gnl CDD 11918Carbohydrate transport4302e-121
YihOMelB, GPH family; gnl CDD 11918Carbohydrate transport4472e-126
YshANo hits
YihWHTH_ARSR, ARSR family; gnl CDD 17771Metal-regulated transcriptional repressors37.60.001
YihVRibokinase_group_B, pfkB superfamily gnl CDD 28258Synthesize nucleotides and histidine2441e-65
  • a According to A. Marchler-Bauer and Bryant (38).

  • b Conserved domain hits of the highest scores for each protein are listed along with their respective GenBank designations.