TM and phage F116L sensitivity of P. aeruginosa strains

Strain (genotype)TMa, b (mm)Phage sensitivityb, c (% of wild-type strain)
PAO1 (wild type)23 ± 0.8100
WFPA8 (algR7)00.117
WFPA12 (algR::aacC1)00.0012
WFPA21 (fimT::aacC1)23 ± 0.8123
WFPA22 (fimU::aacC1)00.0019
AWO (pilA::tet)00
  • a Quantification of TM was performed via measurements of the averages of respective halo sizes in mm (diameter of the colony − diameter of the TM zone). Assays were performed in triplicate, and means and standard errors were determined. Data analysis was performed via unpaired t test.

  • b All values are statistically significant (P < 0.001).

  • c Phage (F116L) sensitivity assays were performed in triplicate, and values are expressed as percentages of wild-type (PAO1) sensitivity.