Expression of prepilin genes in P. aeruginosa strainsa

StrainNormalized value of transcript of prepilin gene (% of wild-type value)
PAO1 (wild type)100100100
WFPA8 (algR7)4.0 ± 0.425.0 ± 2.021.0 ± 4.0
WFPA12 (algR::aacC1)2.0 ± 1.49.2 ± 0.719.0 ± 10.1
WFPA21 (fimT::aacC1)97.0 ± 2.899.0 ± 2.188.0 ± 8.1
WFPA22 (fimU::aacC1)5.0 ± 0.86.0 ± 2.93.0 ± 2.5
  • a Total RNA was isolated from plate-grown P. aeruginosa strains, and fimU, pilV, and pilE transcription levels were determined by real-time RT-PCR (TaqMan). The standard curve method was applied, and serially diluted genomic DNA was used as a template to obtain the relative standard curve. Average threshold cycle values for each prepilin gene tested were normalized to the average rpoD values. These values were then set as percentages of the PAO1 values. The data obtained represent the means and standard errors obtained from three independently isolated RNA samples.