Properties of proteins encoded by new genes containing the CpxR consensus sequence

Genealpg no.Nearby geneParalog(s)Motif or domain
legA10 lpg0038 ceg1 (lpg0035)Ankyrin repeat
legA11 lpg0436 ceg14 (lpg0437)Ankyrin repeat
ceg7 lpg0227lpg2248
ceg18 lpg0898
ceg33 lpg2591 legS1 (lpg2588)
cegC1 lpg0012lpg0502, lpg1455
cegC2 lpg0126lpg2433 (ceg30), lpg1120, lpg1484 (ceg22)
cegC3 lpg1144Coiled coil
cegC4 lpg2200
  • a All the genes are also present in the genomes of L. pneumophila strains Lens, Paris, and Corby.