Testing the dispensability of the late-acting teichoic acid gene product

Gene testedDonor strainRecipient strainNo. of clones that were phenotype:
Specr Ermr ChlscSpecr Erms ChlrdSpecr Ermr ChlreSpecr Erms Chlsf
tagB a EB1453EB695410
tagD a EB1559EB692620
tagF a EB1560EB6831700
tagB b EB1453EB89210024
  • a A total of 100 colonies was examined.

  • b A total of 25 colonies was examined.

  • c Resistance profile of a double mutant (e.g., ΔtagO ΔtagB).

  • d Resistance profile of a complemented deletion strain (e.g., EB633).

  • e Resistance profile of the donor strain (e.g., EB1453).

  • f Resistance profile of a strain with a chromosomal deletion for the tested gene (e.g., ΔtagB).