Select genetic alterations in DH10B

AlleleAlteration typeaGene(s) affectedDH10B sequencebAmino acid change(s)c
Δ(ara leu)7697Deletion(b0059) b0060-b0079 (b0080)After 62378 (ΔMG 62379-88274)HepA Δ1-295; FruR Δ1-82, L83K
araD139Deletionb0061Part of Δ(ara leu)7697Null
tonAWild type and missenseb0150G142348RW254W or W254STOP
ΔlacX74Deletion(b0321) b0322-b0352After 313972 (ΔMG 338422-3746342)YahG Δ292-472
DH10BdupDuplicationb0553-b0655Tandem duplication of 514341-627601Wild type
galK16IS2 disruptionb0757IS2 insertion from 728375-729703Δ57-383
deoRWild typeb0840No changeWild type
e14Excision(b1136) b1137-b1159After 1250887 (ΔMG 1195443-1210646)Icd restored to wild type
mcrADeletionb1159Deleted by e14 excisionNull
galUWild typeb1236No changeWild type
φ80dlacZΔM15Insertionb0340-b0349Insert from 1349613-1396987LacZ (b0344) Δ11-42
relA1IS2 disruptionb2784IS2 insertion from 3003960-3005291Δ87-744
Tn10.10dInversion(b2964) b2965-b2972 (b4466)3200798-3211928NupG Δ222-418; YghJ Δ1-541
nupGIS10 disruptionb2964IS10R insertion at 3199443Δ222-418
rphFrameshiftb3643G inserted at 3911483Corrects rph-1
spoT1Insertionb3650ATCAGG insertion from 3918250-3918255; C3918768TQD insertion after D84; H255Ye
Δ(mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC)Deletionb4312-b4358 (b4359)Partial Tn10 from 4640587-4641916 (ΔMG 4538777-4595456)MdoB Δ668-750
  • a Relative to MG1655.

  • b Numbers are genomic coordinates. Base changes all refer to the forward strand. MG represents MG1655.

  • c Changes relative to the MG1655 sequence. Protein names and deleted amino acids refer to affected genes on the flanks of large deletions, except for LacZ, which is an internal deletion.

  • d Coordinates refer to the internal segment of the transposon that is inverted relative to MG1655.

  • e Residue 257 of SpoT1 due to two-amino-acid insertion after position 84.