1H NMR data for APS (A-LPS)a

ProtonMannose residuebN/O-linked 3 OH fatty acidc
H-1; H-25.45; 4.04 →2)-α-Man-P
H-1; H-25.28; 4.12 →2)-α-Man
H-1; H-25.18; 4.08 term-α-Man
H-1; H-25.16; 4.08 term-α-Man
H-1; H-25.12; 4.03 →2,6)-α-Man
H-1; H-25.10; 4.04 →2,6)-α-Man
H-1; H-25.07; 4.12 →2,6)-α-Man
H-1; H-25.06; 4.08 term-α-Man
−CHMe2 (m)1.54
(CH2)n (m)1.29
α-CH2 (m)d1.16
ω-CH3 (t) J1,2 7.04 Hz0.86
  • a δH in ppm.

  • b Data for the linkage of α-mannose residues were described previously by Paramonov et al. (30).

  • c Data for the linkage of N/O-linked 3-OH fatty acids were described previously by Que-Gewirth et al. (32).

  • d The position of this methylene group refers to an O-acyloxy substituent at position 3 in some of the O/N-linked fatty acids.