P. aeruginosa strains used in this study

StrainSourceYr of isolationGenotypeb
p2 s1F6/05CF p22005r
p6 s1C3/05CF p62005Unique
p7 14429/91CF p71991b
p7 s1B1/05CF p72005b
p10 s1E9/05CF p102005r
p11 s1E9/05CF p112005b
p11 s3A1/05aCF p1120054
p16 s1C7/05CF p162005r
B4-1CF B42005Unique
  • a Strain p11 s3A1/05 is a mucoid isolate.

  • b r, b, and 4 are different bacterial genotypes that have been identified in more than one patient. Genotypes found only in single patients or found only once in the data set are designated “unique.”