Selected P. aeruginosa genes that were up-regulated under swarming motility conditions cf. swimming conditions

IdentificationGene designationFold changeP valueProtein
Secreted factors
    PA0044 exoT 12.70.0075Exoenzyme T
    PA2191 exoY 5.50.0138Adenylate cyclase Y
    PA3841 exoS 8.70.0177Exoenzyme S
    PA1249 aprA 2.50.0046Alkaline metalloproteinase precursor
    PA3724 lasB 4.90.0023Elastase LasB
    PA4175 pIV 5.20.0011Protease IV
    PA3478 rhlB 6.90.0049Rhamnosyltransferase chain B
Alkaline protease secretion
    PA1245 aprX 3.80.0008Hypothetical protein
    PA1246 aprD 2.40.0036Alkaline protease secretion protein AprD
    PA1247 aprE 2.50.0017Alkaline protease secretion protein AprE
    PA1692 pscS 2.30.0256Translocation protein in TTSS
    PA1694 pscQ 2.20.0270Translocation protein in TTSS
    PA1695 pscP 3.60.0090Translocation protein in TTSS
    PA16972.70.0270ATP synthase in TTSS
    PA1698 popN 5.20.0030TTSS outer membrane protein precursor
    PA16992.20.0030Hypothetical protein in TTSS
    PA17004.20.0115Hypothetical protein in TTSS
    PA17014.80.0037Hypothetical protein in TTSS
    PA17022.00.0133Hypothetical protein in TTSS
    PA1703 pcrD 4.80.0156TTSS protein PcrD
    PA1704 pcrR 3.40.0266Transcriptional regulator PcrR
    PA1705 pcrG 10.60.0022Regulator in TTSS
    PA1706 pcrV 9.60.0057TTSS protein PcrV
    PA1707 pcrH 8.40.0040Regulatory protein PcrH
    PA1708 popB 10.00.0054Translocator protein PopB
    PA1711 exsE 5.10.0008Regulator in TTSS
    PA1712 exsB 8.50.0004Exoenzyme S synthesis protein B
    PA1713 exsA 4.60.0059Transcriptional regulator ExsA
    PA1714 exsD 2.50.0472Hypothetical protein
    PA1715 pscB 2.00.0300TTSS apparatus protein
    PA1717 pscD 4.40.0139TTSS export protein PscD
    PA1719 pscF 7.80.0244TTSS export protein PscF
    PA1720 pscG 3.70.0441TTSS export protein PscG
    PA1722 pscI 3.10.0480TTSS export protein PscI
    PA1723 pscJ 2.20.0036TTSS export protein PscDJ
    PA1724 pscK 2.80.0440TTSS export protein PscK
    PA1725 pscL 2.20.0281TTSS export protein PscL
Phenazine biosynthesis
    PA1899 phzA2 4.70.0023Phenazine biosynthesis protein
    PA1900 phzB2 4.30.0083Phenazine biosynthesis protein
    PA1901 phzC2 6.70.0002Phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzC
    PA1902 phzD2 3.00.0081Phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzD
    PA1903 phzE2 2.40.0087Phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzE
    PA1904 phzF2 4.70.0008Phenazine biosynthesis protein
    PA1905 phzG2 4.10.0001Pyrodoxamine 5′-phosphate oxidase
Pyoverdine biosynthesis
    PA2385 pvdQ 3.10.0145PvdQ
    PA2392 pvdP 3.30.0244PvdP (pyoverdine biosynthesis)
    PA2394 pvdN 5.40.0250PvdN (pyoverdine biosynthesis)
    PA2397 pvdE 3.30.0204Pyoverdine biosynthesis protein PvdE
    PA2399 pvdD 4.10.0454Pyoverdine synthase D
Pyochelin biosynthesis
    PA4220 fptB 3.30.0383Hypothetical protein
    PA4221 fptA 6.00.0087Fe(III)-pyochelin outer membrane receptor
    PA4223 pchH 5.20.0139ATP-binding component of ABC transporter
    PA4224 pchG 3.80.0112Pyochelin biosynthetic protein PchG
    PA4225 pchF 14.60.0096Pyochelin synthetase
    PA4226 pchE 7.90.0036Dihydroaeruginoic acid synthetase
    PA4228 pchD 5.50.0111Pyochelin biosynthesis protein PchD
    PA4229 pchC 10.10.0059Pyochelin biosynthesis protein PchC
    PA4230 pchB 7.60.0097Salicylate biosynthesis protein PchB
Efflux transport system
    PA4205 mexG 3.30.0032Hypothetical protein
    PA4206 mexH 2.20.0252RND efflux membrane fusion protein
    PA4208 opmD 3.10.0110Outer membrane protein
Transcriptional regulator
    PA1430 lasR 2.10.0090Transcriptional regulator LasR
    PA2259 ptxS 3.00.0178Transcriptional regulator PtxS
    PA3477 rhlR 6.00.0050Transcriptional regulator RhlR
    PA2570 lecA 8.20.0057LecA
    PA3361 lecB 5.00.0011Fucose-binding lectin PA-IIL