Characteristics of the long-term chronically infected CF patients included in this study

PatientaYr of birthGenderYr chronic infection began (no. of yr chronically infected)Genotypes (phenotypes) of infecting P. aeruginosa strainsb
p21966Female1976 (30)r (M), r (NM)
p61975Female1984 (22)Unique (NM), r (NM), b (NM)c
p71986Female1990 (16)b (NM)c
p101963Male1980 (26)r (NM)c
p111983Male1993 (13)b (NM), 4 (M)
p161973Female1976 (30)b (M), r (NM)
  • a The patients are identical to those studied in the work described in reference 22.

  • b r, b, and 4 are different bacterial genotypes that have been identified in more than one patient. Genotypes found only in single patients or found only once in the data set are designated “unique.” M and NM refer to mucoid and nonmucoid isolates, respectively. For example, during the course of this study we have found mucoid and nonmucoid variants in patient p2. Both variants were of the same genotype.

  • c The bacteriology records showed that mucoid variants have been found in occasional samples (but not stored) from the history of the patients.