Expression of representative gonococcal genes with a known function by microarray analysis during infection of endocervical epithelial cells by N. gonorrhoeae strain F62

Gene (ORF)aIRbGene productLog2 ratioc at:
1 h2 h4 h8 h
tonB (NG1379)+Transport and binding proteins3.734.163.994.472.873.123.693.75
fbpB (NG0216)+Iron-uptake permease inner membrane protein, MSD protein in ABC transport system3.573.473.533.462.902.533.453.21
exbD (NG1377)+Transport protein3.183.323.433.502.812.563.342.86
tbpA (NG1495)+Transferrin binding protein A2.152.462.413.051.712.032.282.47
fbpA (NG0217)+Periplasmic iron-binding protein, ABC solute binding protein1.951.732.391.711.160.91.671.47
fumC (NG1029)+Fumarate hydratase0.971.230.951.440.680.830.530.66
fetA (NG2093)+Iron-regulated outer membrane protein0.440.
fur (NG1779)+Ferric uptake regulatory protein0.320.
  • a The numbers in parentheses denote the ORF numbers assigned by the gonococcal genome sequence project (

  • b IR, iron response: +, iron-repressed gene.

  • c The indicated values are the ratios expressed as the log2 of the intensity of the mean of the spots that represented the indicated gene divided by the mean of the spots that represented the rmp gene of the total associated (adhered plus intracellular) (TOT) and intracellular-only (INT) gonococci after infection of endocervical epithelial cells at 1, 2, 4, and 8 h.