Location of Tn5 insertions in motile CFT073 fim L-ON Nalr transposon mutants

FunctionGene(s) or locationsa
AttachmentfimA (2), fimI (4), fimC (5), fimD (11)
MetabolismtyrB, nrdF, c3405
DNA mismatch repairmutS (2)
Transcriptional regulationlrp, lrhA, slyA, ybdO, yjjQ
HypotheticalyjdA, yjdM, ydiV, ykgI, c0322, c1234 (3), c4376, c2400, c2295, region upstream of c1204 and c1205 (3), region upstream of yhbT and yhbU
  • a The numbers in parenthesis represent the numbers of motile transposon mutants of CFT073 fim L-ON Nalr in which the Tn5 cassette had inserted itself in that particular gene or location.