MukF and MukE content of whole-cell extracts and isolated nucleoids

StrainaMukF content in the indicated fraction (pmol/mg)bMukE content in the indicated fraction (pmol/mg)b
Cell extractNucleoidCell extractNucleoid
DH5α (pBAD)ND2.51.7 ± 0.79.6 ± 2.2 (95 ± 2)
DH5α (pBEF++)450400 (30)37040 (64)
DH5α (pEF++)>21040 (16)>180100 (40)
MG1655 (pBAD)NDND3.414
GC7528 (pBAD)1.6<
  • a ++, plasmid designed to overproduce the indicated protein was induced with arabinose.

  • b The percentage of the nucleoid-associated proteins that was solubilized by DNase I treatment is given in parentheses. ND, not detrmined.