Growth rates of P. aeruginosa with different sulfur sourcesa (h−1)

Sulfur sourceGrowth ratea (h−1) (mean ± SD) of:
P. aeruginosa E601P. aeruginosa PA01
Cyclamate0.105 ± 0.0080.135 ± 0.022
Sulfate0.100 ± 0.0040.313 ± 0.010
Human mucin0.0047 ± 0.0001NG
Pig mucinNGNG
Cyclamate + human mucin0.108 ± 0.0050.141 ± 0.002
  • a Maximum growth rates were determined in the exponential phase of growth in a vigorously shaken microplate by measuring the A600 every 10 min. Values were determined in three independent experiments, with eightfold replication in each experiment. NG, no growth.