Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidDescriptionSource or reference
pCLD1Cmr derivative of pEVS107; Kanr CmrThis study
pCLD6pCLD1 + 3.2-kb ApaI/SpeI fragment from pEAH41 containing the psypA-lacZ fusion; Kanr CmrThis study
pCLD19Delivery vector carrying sequences flanking sypEThis study
pCLD46pVSV105 carrying the rscS1 allele; CmrThis study
pCLD48pVSV105 carrying wild-type sypE; CmrThis study
pCR2.1-TOPOCommercial cloning vector; Apr KanrInvitrogen, Carlsbad, CA
pEAH41pTMO82 carrying psypA upstream of lacZ; Apr KanrThis study
pEAH73pKV69 carrying wild-type sypG; Cmr TcrThis study
pES420Mobilizable suicide vector, Emr21a
pEVS107Mini-Tn7 delivery plasmid; mob; Kanr Emr18
pKG11pKV69 carrying rscS1 allele; Cmr Tcr42
pKV69Mobilizable vector; Cmr Tcr37
pKV276pEAH73 with D53E mutation in sypG; Cmr TcrThis study
pTMO82pCR2.1-TOPO carrying promoterless lacZ; Apr KanrThis study
pVSV105Mobilizable vector; Cmr6