Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidRelevant characteristicsReference
pCLD6Mini-Tn7 delivery plasmid; mob; Knr Cmr attTn7::PsypA-lacZ21
pCLD19pESY20 + 2 kb upstream and downstream of sypE21
pCLD28pESY20 + 5′,3′-truncated VFA0884This study
pCLD29sypF1 subcloned into pKV69; Cmr TcrThis study
pCLD42vpsR subcloned into pKV69; Cmr TcrThis study
pCLD49pESY20 + 5′,3′-truncated VF0352This study
pCLD54Wild-type sypF subcloned into pKV69; Cmr TcrThis study
pCLD57pESY20 + 5′,3′-truncated VF0349This study
pCR2.1-TOPOCommercial cloning vector; Apr KnrInvitrogen
pEAH11pEVS122 + 5′,3′-truncated vpsR (VF0454)22
pESY20pEVS122 cut with EcoRI (partial), filled in, and self-ligated31
pEVS107Mini-Tn7 delivery plasmid; mob; Knr Emr27
pEVS122R6Kγ oriV oriTRP4, Emr, lacZα12
pJET1Commerical cloning vector; AprFermentas
pKV69Mobilizable vector; Cmr Tcr44
pMAC3pKV69 expressing SypF-V439I; Cmr TcrThis study
pMAC4pKV69 expressing SypF1; Cmr TcrThis study