Table 1.

Strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidDescriptionStrain no.Source or reference
P. aeruginosa PA14 strains
    WTP. aeruginosa PA14 wild typeDH12225
    ΔcbcVIn-frame deletion mutant of cbcVDH1578This study
    ΔT1betT1)In-frame deletion mutant of betT1DH1579This study
    ΔT3betT3)In-frame deletion mutant of betT3DH1580This study
    ΔcbcVΔT1In-frame deletions of cbcV and betT1DH1584This study
    ΔcbcVΔT3In-frame deletions of cbcV and betT3DH1581This study
    ΔT1ΔT3In-frame deletions of betT1 and betT3DH1583This study
    T1::pMQbetT1::pMQ89 disruption mutant; GmrDH1593This study
    ΔT3T1::pMQIn-frame deletion mutant of betT3, betT1::pMQ89 disruption mutant; GmrDH1597This study
    ΔcbcVΔT3T1::pMQΔVΔT3 with a betT1::pMQ89 disruption mutation; GmrDH1596This study
    ΔgbdRIn-frame deletion of gbdRDH46642
    betI::TnMbetTI::TnM; Gmr (mutant ID no. 42999)DH157519
    pUCP22High-copy-number Pseudomonas-stabilized vector; Gmr32
    pEX18GmIntegrating vector in P. aeruginosa; Gmr31
    pMQ89Suicide vector in P. aeruginosa; Gmr33
    pME6041Broad-host-range vector; Kmr7
    pcbcXWVpME6041 with cbcXWV from P. aeruginosa PAO1; Kmr7
    pbetT3pME6041 with betT3 from P. aeruginosa PAO1; Kmr6
    pbetT1pUCP22 with PA14 betT1 ORF as defined by start site in original PAO1/PA14 annotations; GmrThis study
    pbetT1NpUCP22 with PA14 betT1 ORF as defined by alternative upstream start site; GmrThis study