EPS functionalitya

Effect of EPS componentNature of EPS componentRole in biofilm
ConstructiveNeutral polysaccharidesStructural component
AmyloidsStructural component
SorptiveCharged or hydrophobic polysaccharidesIon exchange, sorption
ActiveExtracellular enzymesPolymer degradation
Surface-activeAmphiphilicInterface interactions
Membrane vesiclesExport from cell, sorption
InformativeLectinsSpecificity, recognition
Nucleic acidsGenetic information, structure
Redox activeBacterial refractory polymersElectron donor or acceptor?
NutritiveVarious polymersSource of C, N, P
  • a Discussion contribution of T. Neu, based on a prior version published by Allison et al. (2) and completed by the results of the discussion.