COMSTAT analysis of CSLM micrographs generated from tissues isolated from mice infected with either the wild-type or Δbps straina

Day postinfectionStrainBiomassbAvg thickness
μm3/μm2P valuecμmP valuec
15Wild type3.270 (4.581)0.7415.527 (8.500)0.447
Δbps 4.494 (9.057)2.869 (2.789)
38Wild type3.023 (1.681)0.000212.018 (8.26)0.0011
Δbps 0.065 (0.064)0.094 (0.0953)
  • a The values are averages for at least seven images from at least two independent animals. The values in parentheses are standard deviations.

  • b Biomass is expressed in μm3/μm2 of surface area covered by bacteria.

  • c P values were determined using an unpaired two-tailed Student t test.