Effect of RcsAB box mutations on recovery of motilitya

StrainGenotypeColony diameter (cm)
14028Wild type8.37.8
QW200igaA* pwzawza::kan
QW220igaA* pflhD(g8t)3.4
QW221igaA* pflhD(a9c)4.7
QW222igaA* pflhD(g8t, a9c)4.8
QW226igaA* pflhD(g8t, a9c, c15a)4.6
QW227igaA* pflhD(c15a)3.7
QW228igaA* pflhD(g8t) pwzawza::kan4.35.1
QW229igaA* pflhD(a9c) pwzawza::kan8.38.3
QW230igaA* pflhD(g8t, a9c) pwzawza::kan8.38.3
QW231igaA* pflhD(g8t, a9c, c15a) pwzawza::kan8.38.0
QW233igaA* pflhD(c15a) pwzawza::kan3.0
  • a Effect of RcsAB box mutations on the recovery of motility in igaA* strains. Mutations within the RcsAB box TAGGAAAAATCTTA found in the promoter region of flhD are indicated in parenthesis after pflhD. Residue numbering is from the +1 transcription start site. Boldface residues represent conserved residues among four such boxes identified in ftsA, osmC, and two flhD variants in E. coli (18). The numbers in the Swarm and Swim columns refer to the diameter of the colonies, while the dash refers to no migration (swim) or movement (swarm) outwards from the point of inoculation.