Strains and plasmids used

Strain or plasmidDescriptionaMutation sitebSource or reference
    14028Wild-type ATCC strain of S. enterica serovar Typhimurium42
    QW184pwzawza::kan−478∼1140 (1140)This study
    QW119igaA*571 A'CThis study
    QW200igaA* pwzawza::kanThis study
    QW220igaA* pflhD(g8t)−196 G'TThis study
    QW221igaA* pflhD(a9c)−195 A'CThis study
    QW222igaA* pflhD(g8t, a9c)−196 G'T, −195 A'CThis study
    QW226igaA* pflhD(g8t, a9c, c15a)−196 G'T, −195 A'C, −189 C'AThis study
    QW227igaA* pflhD(c15a)−189 C'AThis study
    QW228igaA* pflhD(g8t) pwzawza::kanThis study
    QW229igaA* pflhD(a9c) pwzawza::kanThis study
    QW230igaA* pflhD(g8t, a9c) pwzawza::kanThis study
    QW231igaA* pflhD(g8t, a9c, c15a) pwzawza::kanThis study
    QW233igaA* pflhD(c15a) pwzawza::kanThis study
    QW327ΔrcsA99∼539 (624)This study
    QW434ΔrcsB33∼715 (651)This study
    QW398ΔrcsC1∼2847 (2847)This study
    QW459ΔrcsD7∼2322 (2670)This study
    QW329ΔrcsABThis study
    QW436ΔrcsCDThis sutdy
    QW441igaA* ΔrcsAThis study
    QW442igaA* ΔrcsBThis study
    QW556igaA* ΔRA(1-48)See Fig. 3This study
    TH341F::Tn10dCmK. Hughes
    TH338F::Tn10dTcK. Hughes
    TH1793dam::Tn10dTcK. Hughes
    QW215flhDC::tetRA−243 of flhD(351)∼579 of flhC(579)This study
    pKD4Source for kanamycin cassette11
    pKD46Lambda red recombinase11
    pCP20FLP recombinase11
    pNK972pBR322 origin, Tn10 transposaseK. Hughes
  • a Mutations indicated in parenthesis after pflhD refer to base changes within the RcsAB box in the promoter region of flhD. Δ and :: refer to deletion of or insertion/substitution within the indicated gene or F episome.

  • b A minus refers to the nucleotides upstream of ATG, a tilde indicates the nucleotides included in the deletion (when the description indicates a deletion) or deletion/substitution (when the description indicates ::kan or ::tetRA), an apostrophe indicates mutation (i.e., 571 A'C means a mutation from A to C at nucleotide 571), and the number in parentheses is the total length of the gene from ATG to TAA. Positive values indicate residues after the start codon. For single-base-pair changes, the nucleotide at which the indicated change was introduced is shown. Note that deletions created by the Datsenko and Wanner method (11) leave behind a scar sequence of ∼80 bp.