Known PsrA targets (18) significantly dysregulated in psrA mutants, determined using a microarraya

Gene identifierbGene nameChange (fold)cDescriptiona
PA050616.2*Probable acyl-CoA dehydrogenase
PA2673hplV−27.9Probable type II secretion system protein
PA2951etfA3.3Electron transfer flavoprotein alpha subunit
PA2952etfB3.8Electron transfer flavoprotein beta subunit
PA29536.4*Electron transfer flavoprotein-ubiquinone oxidoreductase
PA3013foaB15.2*Fatty acid oxidation complex beta subunit
PA3014faoA11.6Fatty acid oxidation complex alpha subunit
PA3622rpoS−2.3*Alternative sigma factor RpoS
  • a Only genes showing a ≥2-fold change in the psrA mutant are depicted. The P value was <0.0001 in all cases.

  • b According to the P. aeruginosa genome website (

  • c Regulation of genes differentially expressed in the psrA mutant relative to the WT. A positive number indicates transcript upregulation in the psrA mutant. *, confirmation of gene regulation by qRT-PCR.