Biosynthetic Longus genes, putative functions, gene homologues, and allelic variations

GeneLength (bp)% Identity to CFA/III gene/proteinPutative functionType IV pilus gene homologsDn/Dsd of allelic variants
lngR30372/72Gene regulationcofR, clpB, pefB; PapB regulator family0.011/0.010
lngS89468/70Gene regulationcofS, perA, toxT; AraC regulator family0.004/0.015
lngT44179/82TransglycosylasecofT, bfpH0.005/0.012
lngA70874/79Structural subunitcofA, cfcA, bfpA, tcpA0.053/0.571
lngB1,57274/78Pilin-like subunitcofB, cfcB, tcpB0.005/0.068
lngC4117370UnknowncofC, cfcC, tcpQ, bfpG0.001/0.016
lngD1,47681/91Outer membrane lipoproteincofD, cfcD, bfpB, tcpC, pulD0.001/0.010
lngE55875/75Inner membranecofE, cfcE, tcpR0.003/0.010
lngF77168/66Inner membranecofF, cfcF, tcpD0.004/0.014
lngG48373/75Periplasmic proteincofG, cfcG, bfpU, tcpS0.003/0.016
lngH1,33273/75Nucleotide binding, twitching motilitycofH, cfcH, bfpD, tcpT, pulE0.001/0.016
lngI96983/96Inner membranecofI, cfcI, bfpE, tcpE, pulF0.002/0.026
lngJ1,11963/57ATPase, twitching motilitycofJ, cfcJ, bfpF, tcpF0.002/0.033
lngP85262/59Prepilin peptidasecofP, cfcP, bfpP, tcpJ, pulO0.010/0.038
  • a NA, not applicable.

  • b Chromosomal housekeeping gene used for evolutionary analysis.

  • c Partial locus.

  • d Dn/Ds, ratio of nonsynonymous changes (as determined according to reference 40 by DnaSP software) to synonymous, silent changes.