Characteristics of isolates sequenced

PathovarStrainSerotypeVirulence factorsaGenome statusNo. of contigsPlasmidGenBank accession no.Reference(s)
Laboratory adaptedK-12Complete1No U00096.2 1
Laboratory adaptedW3110Complete1No AP009048 19, 53
CommensalHSO9Complete1No CP000802 This study
ETECE24377AO139:H28LT+ ST+; CFA CS1 and CS3Complete1Yes CP000800 This study
ETECB7AO148:H28LT+ ST+; CFA CS6Draft198Yesb AAJT00000000 This study
EHECEDL933O157:H7LEE, Shiga toxinComplete1Yesc AE005174.2 46
EHECSakaiO157:H7LEE, Shiga toxinComplete1Yesc BA000007.2 20
ExPEC/UPECCFT073O6:K2:H1MRHA/S, MRHA/H, hemolysin, aerobactin, pap pili (X2)Complete1No AE014075.1 67
ExPEC/UPECF11O6:H31MRHA/S, MRHA/H, hemolysin, aerobactin, pap pili, and PapG III alleleDraft88No AAJU00000000 This study
ExPEC/UPECUTI89Cysitis isolation; pap pili, PapG III allele, iron-regulated genesComplete1Yesc CP000243.1 6
ExPEC/UPEC536O6:K15:H31MRHA; hemolysin, aerobactin, pap piliComplete1No CP000247.1 22
EPECE22O103:H2Rabbit pathogen, EAF plasmid, LEEDraft109Unknown AAJV00000000 This study
EPECE110019O111:H9Atypical EPEC, LEE, EAF plasmid not presentDraft115Unknown AAJW00000000 This study
EPECB171O111:NMEAF plasmid, LEEDraft159Unknownb AAJX00000000 This study
EAECEc042O44:H18enterotoxin (Pet and EAST), pAAF plasmidIncomplete7YesNAd Sanger
EAEC101-1untypable:H10Heat-stable enterotoxin production, lacks pAAF plasmidDraft70Yesb AAMK00000000 This study
ExPEC/avianAPEC01O1Avian disease-causing isolate, pAPEC01Complete1Yes CP000468.1 27
  • a LT, labile toxin; ST, stable toxin; MRHA, mannose-resistant hemagglutinin.

  • b The draft sequences contain contigs that appear to be plasmid in origin; however, no plasmids have been closed for the projects.

  • c Strain EDL933 was sequenced with a plasmid designated pO157 (accession number AF074613 ) that is 92.1 kb long; there is no smaller plasmid in this isolate. Strain Sakai was sequenced with two plasmids, pO157 (accession number AB011549 ) and pOSAK1 (accession number AB011548 ), which were 92.7 and 3.3 kb long, respectively. Strain UTI89 contains a 114-kb plasmid (accession number CP000244 ), and strain B171 contains a 68.8-kb plasmid that has been sequenced, pB171 (EAF plasmid; accession number AB024946 ).

  • d NA, not applicable.