Characteristics of isolates sequenced

PathovarStrainSerotypeVirulence factorsaGenome statusNo. of contigsPlasmidGenBank accession no.Reference(s)
Laboratory adaptedK-12Complete1NoU00096.21
Laboratory adaptedW3110Complete1NoAP00904819, 53
CommensalHSO9Complete1NoCP000802This study
ETECE24377AO139:H28LT+ ST+; CFA CS1 and CS3Complete1YesCP000800This study
ETECB7AO148:H28LT+ ST+; CFA CS6Draft198YesbAAJT00000000This study
EHECEDL933O157:H7LEE, Shiga toxinComplete1YescAE005174.246
EHECSakaiO157:H7LEE, Shiga toxinComplete1YescBA000007.220
ExPEC/UPECCFT073O6:K2:H1MRHA/S, MRHA/H, hemolysin, aerobactin, pap pili (X2)Complete1NoAE014075.167
ExPEC/UPECF11O6:H31MRHA/S, MRHA/H, hemolysin, aerobactin, pap pili, and PapG III alleleDraft88NoAAJU00000000This study
ExPEC/UPECUTI89Cysitis isolation; pap pili, PapG III allele, iron-regulated genesComplete1YescCP000243.16
ExPEC/UPEC536O6:K15:H31MRHA; hemolysin, aerobactin, pap piliComplete1NoCP000247.122
EPECE22O103:H2Rabbit pathogen, EAF plasmid, LEEDraft109UnknownAAJV00000000This study
EPECE110019O111:H9Atypical EPEC, LEE, EAF plasmid not presentDraft115UnknownAAJW00000000This study
EPECB171O111:NMEAF plasmid, LEEDraft159UnknownbAAJX00000000This study
EAECEc042O44:H18enterotoxin (Pet and EAST), pAAF plasmidIncomplete7YesNAdSanger
EAEC101-1untypable:H10Heat-stable enterotoxin production, lacks pAAF plasmidDraft70YesbAAMK00000000This study
ExPEC/avianAPEC01O1Avian disease-causing isolate, pAPEC01Complete1YesCP000468.127
  • a LT, labile toxin; ST, stable toxin; MRHA, mannose-resistant hemagglutinin.

  • b The draft sequences contain contigs that appear to be plasmid in origin; however, no plasmids have been closed for the projects.

  • c Strain EDL933 was sequenced with a plasmid designated pO157 (accession number AF074613) that is 92.1 kb long; there is no smaller plasmid in this isolate. Strain Sakai was sequenced with two plasmids, pO157 (accession number AB011549) and pOSAK1 (accession number AB011548), which were 92.7 and 3.3 kb long, respectively. Strain UTI89 contains a 114-kb plasmid (accession number CP000244), and strain B171 contains a 68.8-kb plasmid that has been sequenced, pB171 (EAF plasmid; accession number AB024946).

  • d NA, not applicable.