Features of the plasmids from E24377A

PlasmidSize (nucleotides)G+C content (%)IS elementsaVirulence factors
pE24377A_55,03349.63NPNone, cryptic, pColE1 replicon
pE24377A_66,19952.57NPStreptomycin and sulfonamide resistance
pE24377A_3534,36751.62NPTransfer capabilities
pE24377A_7070,60950.21IS1 (1*), IS2 (1), IS66 (2), IS629 (1*)CS fimbriae
pE24377A_7474,22449.85IS1 (1), IS2 (2*), IS66 (4), IS91 (1*) IS629 (2*)EatA autotransporter
pE24377A_7979,23747.27IS1 (2*), IS2 (2*), IS66 (1*), IS91 (4*) IS629 (1*)Enterotoxin A, CS3 fimbriae
pCOO98,39646.74NDb CS1 fimbriae, EatA serine protease
  • a The number of copies of each IS element is indicated in parentheses. An asterisk indicates that the element contains a frameshift and/or a premature stop. NP, no IS elements present; ND, not determined (multiple IS elements have been identified in pCOO, but most of them are not grouped with the pE24377A plasmids).