The five subunits of H. thermophilus FRD

SubunitGenBank accession no.N-terminal amino acid sequenceMolecular massa (kDa)Commentsa
FrdA AB437311 MRAYDIVIIG64FRD catalytic center (homologous to FrdA of typical membrane-bound FRDs)
FrdB AB437312 MILRLSIRRE26[Fe-S] cluster (homologous to FrdB of typical membrane-bound FRDs)
FrdC AB437313 MKSTNLPLTV60[Fe-S] cluster
FrdD AB437314 MRVVIVGNGP54NAD-binding domain
FrdE AB437315 MRKKPVMIID21[Fe-S] cluster
  • a Molecular masses and motifs were predicted from the deduced amino acid sequences.