Strain-specific pseudogenes

StrainMutation typeLocus tagGeneFunctionLength (%)a
14028sFrameshiftSTM14_5527Putative phospholipase D60.1
STM14_0252Putative inner membrane protein78.7
STM14_2018Putative regulatory protein72.0
STM14_2083 yciO Hypothetical protein76.3
STM14_2307Putative cytoplasmic protein72.6
STM14_2636Putative cytoplasmic protein52.1
STM14_3082 ratB Putative outer membrane protein79.9
STM14_4384 lpfD Long polar fimbrial protein48.6
STM14_3788Putative amidohydrolase52.6
STM14_3185DNA packaging-like protein75.8
STM14_0189 yacH Putative outer membrane protein52.7
Stop codonSTM14_3323Putative phosphotransferase system IIC component30.4
STM14_5043Putative Na+-dependent transporter74.6
Large internal deletion:STM14_0711Molybdopterin-containing oxidoreductase iron-sulfur subunit64.3
STM14_3760 nupG Nucleoside transport30.9
5′ truncationSTM14_3221Hypothetical protein60.9
STM14_3942PTS family galactitol-specific enzyme IIC8.1
3′ truncationSTM14_3941PTS system fructose-specific EIIBC component47.9
Phage insertionSTM14_2427 serU tRNASer
LT2FrameshiftSTM0342Putative periplasmic protein59.9
STM1048/STM1048.1NHost specificity protein J73/26
STM3191/STM3192Putative arylsulfate sulfotransferase54/44
Stop codonSTM3980/STM3981 assT Arylsulfotransferase39/58
  • a ORF lengths are given as proportions of their full-length counterpart in the other strain. Entries for which two locus tags and two ORF lengths are listed represent cases in which a single gene was annotated as two separate genes in LT2.