Fimbrial biosythesis operons identified in C. rodentium

OperonCDS IDGenesDescriptioncEPEC orthologueSakai orthologue
1ROD_01101-01121 hofCB-ppdD Type IV fimbriaeE2348_C_0109-0111ECs0110-0112
2ROD_03641-03671Chaperone-usher γ4 fimbriae
3ROD_03351, 10951-11021 crl csgGFEDBAC Curli fimbriaeE2348_C_0233, 1129-1136ECs0267, 1414-1412
4ROD_11771-11781Chaperone-usher β fimbriaee
5ROD_18141-18181 lpfEDCBA Long polar fimbriae (chaperone-usher γ1 fimbriae)
6ROD_19341-19381Chaperone-usher σ fimbriae
7ROD_22311-22341Chaperone-usher γ4 fimbriae
8ROD_27771-27801Chaperone-usher γ4 fimbriae
9ROD_29101-29191 fimBEAICDFGHK Chaperone-usher γ1 fimbriaeE2348_C_4619-4627a ECs5271-5279a
10ROD_29201-29241Alternate chaperone-usher (α) fimbriaeE2348_C_0247-0249b ECs0321-0323b
11ROD_29351-29391Chaperone-usher γ4 fimbriaed
12ROD_34961-35021Chaperone-usher π fimbriae
13ROD_41241-41291 kfcHGFEDC Kfc (K99-like factor involved in Citrobacter colonization) chaperone-usher κ fimbriae
14ROD_41381-41551 flp1 rcpCA tadZABCD tadVEFG Tight adherance (tad) locus (type IV fimbriae)
15ROD_44281-44321 hofMNOPQ Type IV fimbriaeE2348_C_3635-3639ECs4233-4237
16ROD_46461-46571 cfcABCDEFGHIJPV CFC (colonization factor Citrobacter) type IV fimbriae
17ROD_50611-50651Chaperone-usher γ4 fimbriaed
18ROD_p1161-p1201Chaperone-usher κ fimbriae
19ROD_p1291-p1301Chaperone-usher γ1 fimbriaed , e
  • a fimK is missing in EPEC and EHEC.

  • b No orthologues of ROD_29231 or ROD_29241.

  • c Chaperone-usher fimbrial operons have been grouped into clades and subclades according to the fimbrial usher protein classification scheme (68).

  • d Contains pseudogenes.

  • e Part of operon is missing.