Functional analyses of mechanosensitive channels incorporating the FlAsH tag

ChannelSlope conductance (nS)a
Positive voltagesNegative voltages
MscS1.30 ± 0.040.79 ± 0.05
MscS-CCPGCC1.29 ± 0.040.85 ± 0.03
MscL3.94 ± 0.05NDb
MscL-CCPGCC4.04 ± 0.03ND
  • a Data for recordings were obtained from inside-out excised patches of giant spheroplasts of E. coli strain MJF465 (mscL mscS mscK) grown in LB media and expressing MscL or MscS channel proteins with and without the FlAsH tag (CCPGCC).

  • b ND, not determined (see the text).