Expression levels of S. mutans genes derived from qRT-PCR experiments support the results for the microarray platforma

Gene nameGene product descriptionExpression level in GMS584Fold changeClass for regulation
pdhC Pyruvate dehydrogenaseIncreased4.0I
citZ Citrate synthaseIncreased2.3I
glgBCDA Glycogen biosynthesis proteinIncreased6.0I
SMU.217cHypothetical proteinIncreased4.2I
bta Bacteriocin transport accessory proteinDecreased2.4II
tpx Thiol peroxidaseDecreased2.2II
  • a Shown are the results for qRT-PCR experiments performed with RNA isolated from S. mutans UA159 cells and its SloR-deficient derivative, GMS584, grown in a manganese-replete SDM. These expression patterns support those revealed by the microarray platform. A gene whose expression is decreased in GMS584 implicates SloR as an activator or derepressor of transcription in the UA159 wild-type strain (class II-type regulation). In contrast, increased expression in GMS584 supports repression by SloR in the wild type (class I-type regulation).