Relative expression ratios for genes in the N-acetylglucosamine utilization pathway

GeneDesignationFunctionExpression ratios (SD)
Wild type with GlcNAc/wild type in MMEΔnagQ mutant in MME/wild type in MMEΔnagR mutant in MME/wild type in MME
XCC3414anagQGntR repressor7.11 (0.70)dNDe0.47 (0.04)
XCC3413anagPMFS transporter6.43 (0.62)d2.28 (0.90)d0.83 (0.10)
XCC3412anagRLacI repressor6.99 (0.73)d7.91 (3.34)dND
XCC3411anagB-IIDeaminase6.72 (0.46)d3.17 (0.16)d0.88 (0.06)
XCC3410anagADeacetylase3.16 (0.16)d8.33 (2.76)d0.41 (0.28)
XCC2886bnagK-IIAGlcNAc kinase2.70 (0.12)d0.88 (0.02)4.88 (1.06)d
XCC2943anagK-IIBGlcNAc kinase3.00 (0.81)d1.70 (0.73)c27.11 (7.00)c,d
XCC3408anixATBDT6.32 (0.84)d0.31 (0.08)7.77 (1.17)d
XCC0531anixBTBDT3.97 (0.49)d0.63 (0.24)1.08 (0.47)
XCC2944anixCTBDT9.21 (1.17)d0.42 (0.15)40.14 (14.35)d
XCC2887anixDTBDT106.70 (12.56)d0.86 (0.55)47.82 (15.16)d
XCC3045anaxATBDT0.42 (0.12)d0.61 (0.34)0.26 (0.08)
XCC3046bnaxBTBDT0.25 (0.06)dNDND
  • a Data from real-time quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR performed in at least three independent experiments. Calculation of the relative expression included normalization with the 16S rRNA data.

  • b Data from β-glucuronidase assays performed in at least three independent experiments using pVO155 insertion mutations leading to transcriptional fusions with the promotorless uidA gene. Insertions were made in the wild-type strain and, for XCC2886, in the ΔnagR and ΔnagQ strains.

  • c qRT-PCR expression values were obtained from nagR and nagQ pVO155 insertion mutants instead of deletion mutants.

  • d The levels of expression in the conditions compared were significantly different (P < 0.05) as determined using a Student t test.

  • e ND, not determined.