Plasmids and X. campestris pv. campestris strains used or generated in this study

Strain or plasmidCharacteristicsaLocationbDesignationReference
Xanthomonas strains
    Wild typeWild-type strain; rifampin-resistant derivative of X. campestris pv. campestris LMG568 (= ATCC 33913)31
    nixB::pVOXCC0531::pVO155; Rifr Kmr736XP0107
    nixC::pVOXCC2944::pVO155; Rifr Kmr334XP0417
    nixD::pVOXCC2887::pVO155; Rifr Kmr1558XP0407
    naxA::pVOXCC3045::pVO155; Rifr Kmr1572XP0447
    naxB::pVOXCC3046::pVO155; Rifr Kmr702XP0457
    nixA::pVOXCC3408::pVO155; Rifr Kmr1897XP0597
    nagQ::pVOXCC3414::pVO155; Rifr Kmr659XP108This study
    nagR::pVOXCC3412::pVO155; Rifr Kmr519XP109This study
    nagA::pVOXCC3410::pVO155; Rifr Kmr236XP110This study
    nagK-IIA::pVOXCC2886::pVO155; Rifr Kmr303XP111This study
    ΔnagQΔXCC3414; RifrFrom 203 to stopXP112This study
    ΔnagRΔXCC3412; RifrFrom start to stopXP113This study
    ΔnagPΔXCC3413; RifrFrom start to stopXP114This study
    ΔnagAΔXCC3410; RifrFrom start to stopXP115This study
    ΔnagB-IIΔXCC3411; RifrFrom start to stopXP116This study
    ΔnagK-IIAΔXCC2886; RifrFrom start to stopXP117This study
    ΔnagK-IIBΔXCC2943; RifrFrom start to stopXP118This study
    ΔnagK-IIABΔXCC2886 ΔXCC2943; RifrFrom start to stopXP119This study
    ΔnagA pC-nagAΔXCC3410 pC-XCC3410; Rifr TetrXP120This study
    ΔnagB-II pC-nagB-IIΔXCC3411 pC-XCC3411; Rifr TetrXP121This study
    ΔnagB-II pC-nagB-II-nagAΔXCC3411 pC-XCC3411-XCC3410; Rifr TetrXP122This study
    ΔnagK-IIA pC-nagK-IIAΔXCC2886 pC-XCC2886; Rifr TetrXP123This study
    ΔnagK-IIB pC-nagK-IIBΔXCC2943 pC-XCC2943; Rifr TetrXP124This study
    ΔnagK-IIAB pC-nagK-IIAΔXCC2886 ΔXCC2943 pC-XCC2886; Rifr TetrXP125This study
    ΔnagK-IIAB pC-nagK-IIBΔXCC2886 ΔXCC2943 pC-XCC2943; Rifr TetrXP126This study
    ΔnagR nagK-IIA::pVOΔXCC3412 XCC2886::pVO155; Rifr KmrXP127This study
    ΔnagQ nagK-IIA::pVOΔXCC3414 XCC2886::pVO155; Rifr KmrXP128This study
    ΔnagP nagA::pVOΔXCC3413 XCC3410::pVO155; Rifr KmrXP129This study
    ΔnagK-IIAB nagA::pVOΔXCC2886 ΔXCC2943 XCC3410::pVO155; Rifr KmrXP130This study
    ΔnagP ΔnagAΔXCC3413 ΔXCC3410; RifrXP131This study
    ΔnagK-IIAB ΔnagAΔXCC2886 ΔXCC2943 ΔXCC3410; RifrXP132This study
    pVO155pUC119 derivative containing the promoterless gus (uidA) reporter gene encoding β-glucuronidase, used for insertion mutagenesis; Kmr Ampr34
    pFAJ1700pTR102-derived expression vector containing a multiple-cloning site and transcriptional terminators in both orientations; Tetr Ampr15
    pSC150pET-26b(+) derivative vector with a Ptac promoter sequence; Kmr13
    pCZ917pFAJ1700 derivative containing 2,094 bp of pSC150 with lacI, Ptac promoter, and T7 terminator; Tetr AmprThis study
    pC-nagApCZ917-XCC3410; Tetr KmrFrom −20 to stopThis study
    pC-nagB-IIpCZ917-XCC3411; Tetr KmrFrom −19 to stopThis study
    pC-nagB-II-nagApCZ917-XCC3411-XCC3410; Tetr KmrFrom −19 of XCC3411 to stop of XCC3410This study
    pC-nagK-IIApCZ917-XCC2886; Tetr KmrFrom −21 to stopThis study
    pC-nagK-IIBpCZ917-XCC2943; Tetr KmrFrom −19 to stopThis study
  • a Rif: rifampin; Km: kanamycin; Tet: tetracycline.

  • b Position of insertion, deletion, or X. campestris pv. campestris sequence cloned relative to the putative start codon.