Characteristics of phage 16-3 host range mutantsa

Phage strainPhage genotype or mutated gene (amino acid change)Propagation efficiencyd on:
Rm41 (wild type)GH4046 [rkpM (L252F)]PP4073 [rkpY (L552P)]GH4180 (rkpZ)AT313 (rkpZ::Tn5)
16-3Wild type++++
h5hIb (G588D)+++*+++++
h105hIb (G588D)++++++*++
h842 (ts)hIb (G588V)++++++*++++
h182hIIc (N666K)+++++++*
h109 (ts)hIIc (D783N)+++++*++
h843 (ts)hIIc (D783G)+++*++++
  • a References for and additional information on bacterial and phage strains are given in the text.

  • b hI (ORF022) is 2,112 bp long; mutations affected the GGC codon from bp 1762 to 1764. Mutants have a GAC or GTC triplet.

  • c hII (ORF023) is 2,412 bp long; mutations affected either the AAC codon from bp 1996 to 1998, with mutant h182 having an AAA triplet, or the codon GAC from bp 2347 to 2349, with mutants h109 and h843 having AAC and GGC codons, respectively.

  • d *, the host range mutant was isolated on bacteria of the indicated strain; ++, the mutant formed large, sharp-contoured plaques, with spots of confluent lysis; +, the mutant formed small plaques with pale spots; −, no plaque formation occurred.