Abundance of tbp1, tbp2, and tbp3 transcripts in M. acetivorans cultured with various substrates

GeneNo. of transcript copies (10−3)/ng with the following growth substratesa:
tbp1 393 ± 49376 ± 113369 ± 21
tbp2 13.3 ± 4.916.5 ± 4.520.8 ± 1.2
tbp3 4.9 ± 0.81.7 ± 0.43.9 ± 0.4
  • a The values are the numbers of transcript copies per nanogram of total cellular RNA and are the averages ± standard deviations of triplicate measurements. Absolute copy numbers were determined as described in Materials and Methods using RNA from methanol-grown cells. Copy numbers for acetate- and TMA-grown cells were inferred based on the relative abundance compared with the numbers in methanol-grown cells calculated using the ΔΔCT method with the 16S rRNA gene used as an invariant control. The ΔCT values for methanol-grown cells were used as the calibrator.