C. jejuni strains used in this study

81-176Wild type48
ΔwaaF* mutant81-176 waaV-waaF::Tn soloThis study
ΔwaaF mutant81-176 waaF::aphA-3This study
ΔlgtF mutant81-176 lgtF::Tn picardThis study
ΔgalT mutant81-176 galT::aphA-3This study
ΔcstII mutant81-176 cstII::aphA-3This study
ΔwaaF-c mutant81-176 waaF::aphA-3 rrn-cat::waaFThis study
ΔlgtF-c mutant81-176 lgtF::aphA-3 rrn-aphA-3::lgtFThis study
ΔgalT-c mutant81-176 galT::aphA-3 rrn-cat::galTThis study
  • a Tn solo, aphA-3, and rrn-aphA-3 confer kanamycin resistance. Tn picard and rrn-cat confer chloramphenicol resistance.