Results of overnight growth tests performed in TV containing various carbohydrates, each added at a concentration of 0.5%

StrainOvernight growth test result in TV supplemented with:
GalLacSorbitolSorbitol + GalSorbitol + Lac
lacA mutant--+--
lacB mutant--+--
lacAB mutant--+--
lacC mutant+++++
lacD mutant+/-+/-++/-+
lacF mutant+-+++
lacE mutant+-+++
lacG mutant--+-+
lacA lacF mutant--+-+
lacD manL mutant+/-++++
lacAB manL mutant+-+++
lacG manL mutant--+++
lacG lacR mutant+/--++/-+
lacG galR mutant--+-+
lacG galR lacR mutant+/--++/-+