Expression ratios of genes involved in detoxification of oxidative stresses identified in S. mutans microarray analysis

Gene nameFunctionΔspxA strainΔspxB strainΔspx ΔspxB strain
trxBThioredoxin reductase0.3550.800ND1.900ND0.233**
dprPeroxide resistance protein0.1330.263*ND0.289*0.1980.021**
sodASuperoxide dismutase0.0540.058ND0.1290.0680.004
ahpCAlkyl hydroperoxide reductase0.1360.236***ND0.491**0.0720.055***
ahpFAlkyl hydroperoxide reductase0.1670.236***ND0.542**0.0790.060***
gorGlutathione reductase0.2580.462*ND0.9620.2980.104**
tpxThiol peroxidase0.1730.088***ND0.500*0.0690.003***
noxH2O-forming NADH oxidase0.1830.284***ND0.261***0.0460.010***
  • a Array data are relative levels of expression compared to expression in S. mutans UA159. RT-PCR data are gene copy numbers relative to those of S. mutans UA159. ND, no significant differences in expression were determined by microarray analysis. *, P ≤ 0.05; **, P ≤ 0.005; ***, P ≤ 0.0005.