Default parameters used in the simulationa

SymbolMeaningDefault value(s)Comment and/or reference(s)
RmaxRadius of the simulated system10 mmLarge compared to plaques
rspotRadius of the spot2 mmOnly for spot simulation
ΔaThickness of the soft agar0.5 mmExperimental setup in this study
n0Initial nutrient concn (unit of corresponding bacterial cells/area)30/μm2Experimental setup in this study (evaluated from measured colony size and counts)
KMichaelis-Menten constant for Monod growth lawn0/5Implies slowdown of growth when 20% of final density is reached
DpPhage diffusion constant4 × 104 μm2/h (∼10 μm2/s)For λ in water (6 μm2/s [53] or 18 μm2/s [64])
ηPhage adsorption rate8 × 104 μm3/h (∼1 × 10−9 ml/min)Compare references 38 and 50
δPhage decay rate0.003/h50
gmaxMaximal growth rate2/h
βPhage burst size10050
DnDiffusion constant of nutrient4 × 105 μm2/h (∼100 μm2/s)Compare 200 μm2/s (51) and ∼1,000 μm2/s (52) for small-molecule diffusion in agar
  • a Experimentally used lawns typically have one bacterium per 36 μm2 or one bacterium per 320 μm2.