Major OMF-associated proteins

Band no.Protein name and locus tagaMOWSE scorebPeptide match% of sequence recovery
1Mycoloyltransferase NCgl2777 (MytA, Cop1)18218/2531
2Hypothetical protein NCgl03811018/1521
3Mycoloyltransferase NCgl0336 (MytC, Cmt1)12212/1931
4, 5Mycoloyltransferase NCgl02779 (MytB, Cmt2)72, 635/6, 4/519, 13
6Not identified
  • a Major bands (1 to 6) observed in the total protein extract of OMFs (see Fig. 5B) were excised from the gel and digested with trypsin, and peptides were analyzed by mass spectrometry. Identified proteins are listed according to locus tag nomenclature. Common alternative names are given in parentheses.

  • b MOWSE score, molecular weight search score.