Quantification of corynomycolates from WT strain 13032 and the ΔaftB and ΔaftB(pCGL482-aftB) strains of C. glutamicum

ParameterValue for strain
WT 13032ΔaftB strainΔaftB(pCGL482-aftB) strain
% of corynomycolates in extractible lipidsa30.75 ± 0.7551.5 ± 4.536.5 ± 3.5
% of cell wall-linked corynomycolatesb1.13 ± 0.130.58 ± 0.020.89 ± 0.19
  • a Whole cells grown on BHI medium were extracted with organic solvents, and corynomycolates were determined by saponification followed by weighing of both fatty acid and corynomycolic methyl esters separated in silica gel chromatography. The amount of corynomycolates is expressed as a percentage of bacterial dry weight (mean ± SD).

  • b The resulting delipidated cells were saponified, and the amount of corynomycolate was compared to the bacterial dry weight (mean ± SD).