Lipid biomarkers in the total lipid extracts of alkaline siliceous hot spring microbial mats and filamentous anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria used in this studya

CompoundAbundance in:
Octopus SpringMushroom SpringRoseiflexus sp. strains RS1 and RS2bR. castenholzii HL08C. aurantiacus
C31:3 alkenetrtr++
n-C31 wax ester+++++
iso-C31 wax ester+++
n-C32 wax ester+++++++++
iso-C32 wax ester+++++
iso/iso-C32 wax ester+
C32:1 wax ester+
n-C33 wax ester++++++++
iso-C33 wax ester+++
n-C34 wax ester+++++++++++
iso-C34 wax ester+++++
iso/iso-C34 wax ester+
C34:1 wax ester+
n-C35 wax ester+++++++
iso-C35 wax ester+
n-C36 wax ester+++++
C36:1 wax ester+
n-C37 wax ester++++
n-C38 wax ester++
n-C39 wax ester+
n-C40 wax ester++
C19 alkane-1,2dioltrtr+
C20 alkane-1,2-dioltrtr+
C21 alkane-1,2-dioltrtr+
C34 diol glycosidetrtr+++
C36 diol glycosidetrtr+++
C37 diol glycosidetrtrtr
  • a Data are from references 42 to 44 and this study.

  • b Analyzed separately; see Fig. 6.