Polymorphic sites containing mutations unique to one lab strain or shared among a subset (excluding polymorphisms in PPE and PE_PGRS proteins)

Mutation type and positionaMutation in strainb:
Mutations shared by all H37Rv variants but not found in H37Ra
    459399/NCc A → CA → CA → CA → CA → CA → C
Mutations shared by cluster 1
    Rv0050/ponA1 −CCG−CCG−CCG−CCG
    Rv0861c/ercc3 A410AA410AA410AA410A
Mutations shared by cluster 2
    Rv0179c/lprO L239LL239LL239L
    986204/NCC → AC → AC → A
    Rv2553cd +CAC(1)+CAC(1)+CAC(1)
Mutations unique to H37RvAE
    Rv1925/fadD31 H620N
    Rv2931/ppsA W1294*
Mutations shared by cluster 3
    Rv2940c/mas e +GC+GC
    Rv3785−17 bp−17 bp
Mutations unique to H37RvLP
    Rv2946c/pks1 D1463E
Mutations unique to H37RvJO
    1108537/NCf A → G
  • a NC, mutation is in a noncoding region.

  • b *, mutation to a stop codon.

  • c −84 bp upstream of Rv0383c; H37Ra has a −55 bp deletion here.

  • d In amino acid 53 out of 417 in Rv2553c (hypothetical protein).

  • e In amino acid 829 out of 2,111 in mas (mycocerosic acid synthase).

  • f −33 bp upstream of Rv0991c.