Confirmed differences between Caulobacter crescentus CB15 and NA1000 genomesa

SNP nameCB15 positionNA1000 positionGene annotationCB15 geneNA1000 geneErroneous allele (changed aa or base)Corrected allele (changed aa or base)Type of mutation
Mobile element473068.5473069-499098Several genes involved in polysaccharide biosynthesis and metabolismNANANot presentPresentI
SNP214997221525749Transcriptional regulator, TetR familyCC_1345CCNA_01407GCC (Ala)GTC (Val)NS
SNP315488261548820Cytochrome cbb3 oxidase subunit I, ccoNCC_1401CCNA_02097-02098CTC (Leu)TTC (Phe)NS
SNP6260498826309694-Coumarate—CoA ligaseCC_2400CCNA_02483CGG (Ile)CGA (Ile)S
SNP72638118.52664099O-antigen chain length regulator, hfsACC_2431CCNA_02513Intact ORF (ΔG)Frameshifted ORF (G)I
SNP83042436.53068416TonB-dependent receptorCC_2820CCNA_02910Frameshifted ORF (ΔT)Intact ORF (T)I
SNP931977353223720Hypothetical proteinCC_2978CCNA_03073GAG (Ala)ACG (Thr)NS
SNP1032344173260402TonB-dependent receptorCC_3013CCNA_03108GAC (Asp)GGC (Glc)NS
  • a Positions and gene numbers for CB15 are consistent with the published genome sequence, GenBank accession number AE005673. Positions and gene numbers for NA1000 are consistent with the newly assembled and annotated genome, GenBank accession number CP001340. Gene annotations were determined using the Integrated Genomics gene annotation algorithm and comparison with protein sequences in GenBank. Erroneous and corrected alleles are represented in the CB15 (AE005673) and NA1000 (CP001340) genome sequences, respectively. aa, amino acid; NA, not applicable; I, insertion/deletion; NC, noncoding; S, synonymous; NS, nonsynonymous; CoA, coenzyme A.