Subcellular compartment distribution of the predicted RH4 proteins

Subcellular localizationaNo. of proteins% of total
Cytoplasm, intracellular1,28468.1
Cytoplasm (possibly secreted via nonclassical pathways), intracellular or secreted351.9
Inner membrane, multitransmembrane25713.6
Inner membrane, multitransmembrane (lipid-modified N terminus)40.2
Inner membrane, C terminally anchored (with CS)10.1
Inner membrane (periplasm), N terminally anchored (no CS)1246.6
Inner membrane (periplasm), N terminally anchored (with CS)140.7
Inner membrane (periplasm), lipid anchored120.6
Periplasm, secreted (with CS)221.2
Outer membrane, lipid anchored532.9
Outer membrane, β-barrel protein (no CS)191.0
Outer membrane, β-barrel protein (with CS)231.2
Outer membrane (no clear SP found but have β-barrel), intracellular or β-barrel201.1
Extracellular, secreted (with CS)181.0
  • a Abbreviations: CS, cleavage site; SP, signal peptide.